ADS Sharing


As owners of a private VSAT system (CAFSAT) within safe and quick communications along the corridor, the idea that appeared was ┬┐why not use it to share ADS information? The idea was simple: just to configure a CAFSAT Channel to send ADS tracks to present it on the remote node.


A simulation for a Simple ADS contract ( predicted root -estimation to next heavy point- and earth reference -includes position and speed) gave this result : "On a 2400 bps channel (CAFSAT ), up to 720 ADS messages may be broadcasted ". In January 2001 a protocol was developed by Cape Verde and Spain  and a  SUN ULTRA 10 Station was emplaced in Sal Acc Control Room. A 19.200 bps Cafsat Channel was dedicated.


As a result , at this moment Cape Verde receives from Canary Island ADS system both ADS and SSR information that , presented on a screen, results to be fully operative. Furthermore, Spain will procure protocols for "ADS sharing" with other interested members of EUR/SAM Corridor as soon as they are CAFSAT equipped